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Rising like the Phoenix…

September 25, 2015

I haven’t posted to my blog for four years.

It’s been a tough four years.

I was still unemployed when I stopped posting. I had been unemployed since October 2008. The economy went south. I remained unemployed (on a full-time basis) until June of 2014. I had been working part-time as an accounting instructor at a local community college when I got the opportunity to apply for a full-time position and was, by the grace of God, offered the position.

During the last four years, my wife and I lost our #2 son to a drug addiction. I’m sure I’ll be writing about that in the future.

God has been good to us. Better than we deserve! I’m thankful for Him! And for His Son, Jesus Christ!

Now, things in our society have gone from bad to worse. It is incredible to me to see the evil in the world. I’m ashamed of the leaders of our country! It’s been simmering for quite awhile, but I’m back here to say I’M AN ANGRY AMERICAN AND I CAN’T STAY SILENT ANY LONGER!

More to come… Welcome back to my world!


Dismal Jobs Report Fuels GOP Criticism of Administration on Economy

June 3, 2011



Dismal Jobs Report Fuels GOP Criticism of Administration on Economy –

I don’t need no steenking website to tell me that unemployment isn’t any better in the United States. Even more so I don’t need no steenking President to tell me that things are any better than they really are.

I can tell you from my experience, cuz I’m living it! The unemployment situation in our country is NOT getting any better.


Weekly Jobless Claims Dip 16,000, to 453,000 / Big whoop!

September 30, 2010

People will be dancing in the streets! Another sign of the Great Recovery! Companies are back in the hiring business! We’re saved!

Wow! Jobless claims are down a measly 3.4%. Forget the averages and LOOK AT THE NUMBERS! 453,000 people (times how much for the government’s fudge factor) are still requesting INITIAL unemployment benefits! THAT’S A LOT OF PEOPLE! Having been unemployed for almost two years, this issue hits pretty close to home.

We continue to have these monthly “celebrations” where the jobless claims float up and down depending upon which companies are feeling like gambling on the future. I, for one, am not hosting a “we’re back to work” party yet. The government continues its out-of-control spending. The cowards in Congress leave for their annual recess without taking action on maintaining the Bush tax cuts—a clearly partisan action on the part of the Democrats—that would, at least, give companies some reason to believe that things could get better. I am sickened by how our legislators continue to hold Americans hostage as if we were so many cattle at an auction.

November 2 is just over a month away. Now, more than ever, the American people should vote to make a difference. Our anger has been stirred. We may not see the path ahead as clearly as we would like, and that includes some rough road we may still travel as the Great Ship is righted. However, we can see the recent past and we know it hasn’t worked. We can also look back far enough to see where fiscal responsibility and minimal tax burdens have fostered a healthy economy. For me, the choice is pretty simple and some people have likened this election cycle as an opportunity for us to “take out the trash.” Unlike the detestable chore at home that no one wants to do, taking out THIS trash is easy… there’s no gunk to get on your hands, you can do it rain or shine with little discomfort, and the prospects for a cleaner tomorrow are very exciting.

Make the right choice, America! – Weekly Jobless Claims Dip 16,000, to 453,000.

New Obama Economic Head: €˜We’re Not Broke™ | The Blaze

September 10, 2010


To quote the newest “imbecile of note” in the WH…

“When you’re looking in the face of the next Great Depression, that’s not the time to tighten the belt.”

Where do these people come from?? What are they eating, drinking, smoking, sniffing, injecting, whatever?? I am nearly speechless!!

Please, someone, find a 2X4 and rap this idiot upside the head! This moron has been advising BHO on the economy since 2004? Well, no friggin’ wonder the economy is in a mess!


New Obama Economic Head: ‘We’re Not Broke’ | The Blaze.

No Compromise: Obama Will Not Extend Tax Cuts for Wealthiest Americans | The Blaze

September 9, 2010

Just a couple of thoughts…

This is an example of Obama’s gospel of redistribution of wealth. He has cherry-picked those who he thinks should be more magnanimous with what they have earned. A real tax cut would be one that is enjoyed by everyone, not just a chosen few.

The wealthiest Americans are the ones who make possible the gears of capitalism to turn. Excepting those who have inherited their wealth (you can stop listening now, Paris Hilton), these individuals have risked what they have in order to better themselves and, thereby, bettering others as well. Shut down this group of people with a large tax burden and BHO is shutting down the creation of jobs that this country so desperately needs!

No Compromise: Obama Will Not Extend Tax Cuts for Wealthiest Americans | The Blaze.

Obama team points to smaller deficit numbers

April 13, 2010

Yet another example of figures lying and liars figuring.

There is NO good news in this article, in spite of the catchy title. First, $1.4T deficit versus $1.2T deficit… where’s the joy in that? Next, we are comparing apples to oranges when we look at the two time periods mentioned in the article. A year ago, Obama was spending like a drunken sailor thanks to TARP and the Obamaulous package. Just because we didn’t “spend” as much in this year’s period doesn’t mean that the money set aside won’t be spent. I suggest that we are in a “manufactured lull” in spending to make numbers appear better than they are OR the administration STILL doesn’t know where the last bunch of pork spending went… in other words, it hasn’t been accounted for. Then, the article admits that taxes are up. Wahoo! As Paul Harvey used to say, “now THAT’S true value!” The article also mentions the fact that the unemployment figure isn’t significantly better today than it was a year ago. Where are all those jobs the porkulous bill was supposed to create, huh Mr. President? Finally, the most ironic part of the article… Ben Bernanke states that we have to be careful lest we spend ourselves into a bad economic situation. This is like the little kid who is playing with matches and when the house catches on fire, yells HELP!

Sorry for the bad news everyone, but the economy is NOT getting better. Wall Street is acting like it is. The administration is talking like it is. But, the basic fundamentals of good economic policy are all skeewampus and I don’t see how anything short of a real economic CORRECTION will solve the problem, iykwim… imho… ttfn… ttyl. 🙂

Obama team points to smaller deficit numbers.