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Rising like the Phoenix…

September 25, 2015

I haven’t posted to my blog for four years.

It’s been a tough four years.

I was still unemployed when I stopped posting. I had been unemployed since October 2008. The economy went south. I remained unemployed (on a full-time basis) until June of 2014. I had been working part-time as an accounting instructor at a local community college when I got the opportunity to apply for a full-time position and was, by the grace of God, offered the position.

During the last four years, my wife and I lost our #2 son to a drug addiction. I’m sure I’ll be writing about that in the future.

God has been good to us. Better than we deserve! I’m thankful for Him! And for His Son, Jesus Christ!

Now, things in our society have gone from bad to worse. It is incredible to me to see the evil in the world. I’m ashamed of the leaders of our country! It’s been simmering for quite awhile, but I’m back here to say I’M AN ANGRY AMERICAN AND I CAN’T STAY SILENT ANY LONGER!

More to come… Welcome back to my world!


Ahmadinejad calls for US leaders to be ‘buried’

October 3, 2010

First of all… this from the religion of peace? Hmmm, I don’t think so.

Second, we don’t have a leader with a strong enough backbone to get on the horn to this guy to tell him to shut the pie hole! Enough of this pacifist, teach-the-world-to-sign garbage. Where is a guy like Ronald Reagan when we need him the most?

Reagan was a man for his time. I believe God placed him in his circumstances back in the early Eighty’s because He knew the world needed a leader who was willing to step up to the plate in the defense of freedom. We need God to do this again for us!

We need another leader who will assert himself in the name of freedom. Rather than trying to take away our freedoms as President Obama and his administration is trying to do, we need a leader who will once again enshrine freedom as a way of life for Americans. We need a leader who isn’t afraid to stand up to the thugs of this world and tell them, “Not on MY watch are you going to mess around with America!”

We need a leader who is also willing to stand up to the progressives in our own country and tell them, “Give us our country back!” It’s time that all citizens of the United States get behind the Constitution and the flag and the Liberty Bell and the freedoms for which men and women for hundreds of years have DIED! We need a leader who will demand such patriotism and who will accept nothing less and who will strike down every effort of Congress and the Supreme Court to wrest from us our God-given freedom!

Dear God, please give us that leader. Dear God, please help the citizens of the United States to wake up, to stand up and to be counted on to support and defend and follow such a leader. – Ahmadinejad calls for US leaders to be ‘buried’.