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Rising like the Phoenix…

September 25, 2015

I haven’t posted to my blog for four years.

It’s been a tough four years.

I was still unemployed when I stopped posting. I had been unemployed since October 2008. The economy went south. I remained unemployed (on a full-time basis) until June of 2014. I had been working part-time as an accounting instructor at a local community college when I got the opportunity to apply for a full-time position and was, by the grace of God, offered the position.

During the last four years, my wife and I lost our #2 son to a drug addiction. I’m sure I’ll be writing about that in the future.

God has been good to us. Better than we deserve! I’m thankful for Him! And for His Son, Jesus Christ!

Now, things in our society have gone from bad to worse. It is incredible to me to see the evil in the world. I’m ashamed of the leaders of our country! It’s been simmering for quite awhile, but I’m back here to say I’M AN ANGRY AMERICAN AND I CAN’T STAY SILENT ANY LONGER!

More to come… Welcome back to my world!


Dismal Jobs Report Fuels GOP Criticism of Administration on Economy

June 3, 2011



Dismal Jobs Report Fuels GOP Criticism of Administration on Economy –

I don’t need no steenking website to tell me that unemployment isn’t any better in the United States. Even more so I don’t need no steenking President to tell me that things are any better than they really are.

I can tell you from my experience, cuz I’m living it! The unemployment situation in our country is NOT getting any better.


Harry Reid “But For Me, We’d Be In World-Wide Depression” | Ed Schultz Video | Mediaite

October 22, 2010

Laughable and sad at the same time…

It’s tough to watch someone who is delusional, in denial of it, growing more senile day by day, confident that he is going back to Washington to continue as a leader in our country. When Harry Reid utters ridiculous comments like this, one wonders whether or not he should be given some sort of psychological test to determine his worthiness to serve in the Senate… or whether he should just sit at home in a rocker with a blanket over his legs watching reruns of the Lawrence Welk Show (see the bubbles Harry? aren’t those pretty bubbles?).

If this doesn’t convince the people of Nevada to vote for Sharron Angle on November 2, I guess nothing will.

Harry Reid “But For Me, We’d Be In World-Wide Depression” | Ed Schultz Video | Mediaite.

White House Stands by Call for Tax Hike on Wealthy

October 18, 2010

Here is another example of the dishonesty of Barack Hussein Obama. No tax hikes for those making less than $250K per year.

And here is another example of the dimwittedness of little Davy Axelrod. Out of one side of his mouth he condemns the idea of borrowing money from the Chinese in deference to taxing the wealthy. However, he forgot to open the other side of his mouth to condemn the administration for borrowing a trillion dollars from the American people via TARP and the economic stimulus bill passed shortly after BHO’s inauguration.

Once again, the audacity of this administration.

White House Stands by Call for Tax Hike on Wealthy –

New Obama Economic Head: €˜We’re Not Broke™ | The Blaze

September 10, 2010


To quote the newest “imbecile of note” in the WH…

“When you’re looking in the face of the next Great Depression, that’s not the time to tighten the belt.”

Where do these people come from?? What are they eating, drinking, smoking, sniffing, injecting, whatever?? I am nearly speechless!!

Please, someone, find a 2X4 and rap this idiot upside the head! This moron has been advising BHO on the economy since 2004? Well, no friggin’ wonder the economy is in a mess!


New Obama Economic Head: ‘We’re Not Broke’ | The Blaze.

20 Ways ObamaCare Will Take Away Our Freedoms

March 23, 2010

20 Ways ObamaCare Will Take Away Our Freedoms.

You mean there’s only 20??