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Investigation reveals numerous bogus claims on Obama resume

April 5, 2010

If the allegations in this article are true, I have two observations. 1) I’m not surprised if these things are true. Like I’ve said before, in the area of dishonesty, Barack Obama makes Bill Clinton look like a rank amateur! 2) If these things are true, the media in this country should be ashamed of itself for failing to do a better job of checking out the background of the POTUS before he was elected.

The media aided and abetted in the election of a charlatan to be the head of our country. Think of the implications… if you were a world leader and knew of BHO’s dishonest background, would you want to do business with him? I guess in the case of Russian government, it really doesn’t matter since birds of a feather flock together. Actually, the same can probably be said for many (most?) of the world’s leaders, so rather than being the example to the world (e.g. Ronald Reagan), we’re just another entry in the horse race.

If this article is true, it shows just how powerful a group of people can be when they combine together to advance their evil designs.

Stay tuned… I bet there’s more to come…

Investigation reveals numerous bogus claims on Obama resume.