Deja Vu: Audience Once Again Has to Override LWV Moderator to Say the Pledge

Posted October 28, 2010 by rsbirk
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This really is a no-brainer.

I don’t know that I’ve ever been to a civic meeting where the Pledge of Allegiance wasn’t recited as part of the program. Why would the League of Women Voters not have the Pledge already built into its meeting agenda?

In this case and in this kind of situation, why would a moderator not accept the opportunity to say the Pledge? Because it takes too long?? What a ridiculous excuse! The Pledge takes less than 60 seconds to recite, including the time it takes for the audience to stand up and sit down. Were these moderators so inept that they couldn’t “wing it” and depart from their agenda for a few moments to recite one of the most important creeds recognized by (most) Americans?

I think the LWV should consider a corporate membership with Toastmasters of America so that their meeting moderators can be trained to handle impromptu situations like the ones depicted in the video. Either that, or simply add the Pledge to their standard agenda template in their word processor.

Deja Vu: Audience Once Again Has to Override LWV Moderator to Say the Pledge | The Blaze.


MSNBC’s Schultz Blames Head-Stomping Incident on Beck

Posted October 27, 2010 by rsbirk
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Another MSM talking-head shows his brilliant analysis of the facts.

Ed Schultz is a blockhead, Charlie Brown! Not unlike the rest of the MSM confabulators, he declares the obvious, but does so at the expense of the innocent parties involved. Yes, thugs are a part of the political scene, but conservative thugs are outnumbered by their left-side-of-the-aisle counterparts by thousands to one. Do the organizations ACORN and the SEIU come to mind?

Did you see or hear any hate or vitriol from Glenn Beck’s 8/28 rally? I didn’t. Can you say the same for Al Sharpton’s anti-8/28 rally on the same day? I can’t. Anyone want to put money on the Stewart/Colbert rally at the end of the month that it will be as civil and positive as the 8/28 rally? I don’t.

The truth is that the left, and especially the liberal left, are the ones who bring shame to themselves and their message through physical, dishonest, anti-American actions. If the MSM is good for anything, it’s for giving us videos and pictures of the left doing their dirty work. The left is implicated by their example! As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Should the left ever decide to switch tactics and engage the right using civil debate of the facts and data of their arguments, I dare say they would make more progress in advancing the good things that are part of their political arguments. I’m not holding my breath. I’m just saying…

MSNBC’s Schultz Blames Head-Stomping Incident on Beck | The Blaze.

No Center Shift: Obama Says if Republicans Win House He Will be Fighting With Them Day and Night

Posted October 27, 2010 by rsbirk
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Can you recall a time in your life when you’ve heard such antagonism from the President of the United States against his own citizens?

This man is below shameful! Here is a good example of the Saul Alinsky community-organizer mentality at work. This man, Barack Obama, is no friend of the citizens of the country he was elected to lead. To him, we are his minions, peons of no worth but to serve him, and if we fail to do so, he wants to punish us… destroy us! My goodness, what kind of a man have we elected to the highest office in the land? God forgive us for letting this charlatan fool us into believing that he was a broker for hope and change, for something positive to happen in this great land of America! We should hang our heads in shame!

No, we should do more than that… we should not hesitate to do whatever we can within the law to relieve this evil man of the office that he holds! If these threatening words of his aren’t enough to rouse the anger of every patriot in this country—act as a call to action—then, we don’t deserve the freedoms that are ours. Let’s begin by rejecting those Senators and Congressmen and women who support his agenda and who are up for re-election in the next six days! With that beginning, we can negate whatever other bad deeds he has in store for us for the next two years and bring in a worthy replacement in 2012.

No Center Shift: Obama Says if Republicans Win House He Will be Fighting With Them Day and Night | The Blaze.

Pledge-Altering Congresswoman Believes al-Qaeda No Longer a Threat

Posted October 27, 2010 by rsbirk
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I believe this is what happens when someone drinks the Kool-Aid for too long a time.

Obviously this deluded Democrat has forgotten about 9/11, just like she’s forgotten the words to the Pledge.

In another discussion this week, two sides were debating whether “under God” is really appropriate any more, since it was not added to the pledge until the 1950’s when “McCarthy was out looking for communists under every bed in America.” The argument is that now this is now our Pledge. We recite it as it is now accepted. If someone is going to blatantly misquote it, then that someone should simply refrain from reciting it at all.

I don’t believe in the Communist Manifesto. And I don’t go around quoting whatever parts of it I feel might be noteworthy… I just don’t quote it at all. If someone has a beef with the Pledge, then they have the freedom to try to change it through the normal political process. I find this congresswoman’s actions to be cowardly by not confronting openly her opposition to the Pledge (and obviously our country, too).

If she is up for re-election, I sincerely hope that this is the last time we hear about her in the news.

Pledge-Altering Congresswoman Believes al-Qaeda No Longer a Threat | The Blaze.

Harry Reid “But For Me, We’d Be In World-Wide Depression” | Ed Schultz Video | Mediaite

Posted October 22, 2010 by rsbirk
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Laughable and sad at the same time…

It’s tough to watch someone who is delusional, in denial of it, growing more senile day by day, confident that he is going back to Washington to continue as a leader in our country. When Harry Reid utters ridiculous comments like this, one wonders whether or not he should be given some sort of psychological test to determine his worthiness to serve in the Senate… or whether he should just sit at home in a rocker with a blanket over his legs watching reruns of the Lawrence Welk Show (see the bubbles Harry? aren’t those pretty bubbles?).

If this doesn’t convince the people of Nevada to vote for Sharron Angle on November 2, I guess nothing will.

Harry Reid “But For Me, We’d Be In World-Wide Depression” | Ed Schultz Video | Mediaite.

White House Stands by Call for Tax Hike on Wealthy

Posted October 18, 2010 by rsbirk
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Here is another example of the dishonesty of Barack Hussein Obama. No tax hikes for those making less than $250K per year.

And here is another example of the dimwittedness of little Davy Axelrod. Out of one side of his mouth he condemns the idea of borrowing money from the Chinese in deference to taxing the wealthy. However, he forgot to open the other side of his mouth to condemn the administration for borrowing a trillion dollars from the American people via TARP and the economic stimulus bill passed shortly after BHO’s inauguration.

Once again, the audacity of this administration.

White House Stands by Call for Tax Hike on Wealthy –

Ahmadinejad calls for US leaders to be ‘buried’

Posted October 3, 2010 by rsbirk
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First of all… this from the religion of peace? Hmmm, I don’t think so.

Second, we don’t have a leader with a strong enough backbone to get on the horn to this guy to tell him to shut the pie hole! Enough of this pacifist, teach-the-world-to-sign garbage. Where is a guy like Ronald Reagan when we need him the most?

Reagan was a man for his time. I believe God placed him in his circumstances back in the early Eighty’s because He knew the world needed a leader who was willing to step up to the plate in the defense of freedom. We need God to do this again for us!

We need another leader who will assert himself in the name of freedom. Rather than trying to take away our freedoms as President Obama and his administration is trying to do, we need a leader who will once again enshrine freedom as a way of life for Americans. We need a leader who isn’t afraid to stand up to the thugs of this world and tell them, “Not on MY watch are you going to mess around with America!”

We need a leader who is also willing to stand up to the progressives in our own country and tell them, “Give us our country back!” It’s time that all citizens of the United States get behind the Constitution and the flag and the Liberty Bell and the freedoms for which men and women for hundreds of years have DIED! We need a leader who will demand such patriotism and who will accept nothing less and who will strike down every effort of Congress and the Supreme Court to wrest from us our God-given freedom!

Dear God, please give us that leader. Dear God, please help the citizens of the United States to wake up, to stand up and to be counted on to support and defend and follow such a leader. – Ahmadinejad calls for US leaders to be ‘buried’.