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No Center Shift: Obama Says if Republicans Win House He Will be Fighting With Them Day and Night

October 27, 2010

Can you recall a time in your life when you’ve heard such antagonism from the President of the United States against his own citizens?

This man is below shameful! Here is a good example of the Saul Alinsky community-organizer mentality at work. This man, Barack Obama, is no friend of the citizens of the country he was elected to lead. To him, we are his minions, peons of no worth but to serve him, and if we fail to do so, he wants to punish us… destroy us! My goodness, what kind of a man have we elected to the highest office in the land? God forgive us for letting this charlatan fool us into believing that he was a broker for hope and change, for something positive to happen in this great land of America! We should hang our heads in shame!

No, we should do more than that… we should not hesitate to do whatever we can within the law to relieve this evil man of the office that he holds! If these threatening words of his aren’t enough to rouse the anger of every patriot in this country—act as a call to action—then, we don’t deserve the freedoms that are ours. Let’s begin by rejecting those Senators and Congressmen and women who support his agenda and who are up for re-election in the next six days! With that beginning, we can negate whatever other bad deeds he has in store for us for the next two years and bring in a worthy replacement in 2012.

No Center Shift: Obama Says if Republicans Win House He Will be Fighting With Them Day and Night | The Blaze.



September 11, 2010

Being 9/11, my wife and I had a discussion this morning about that event nine years ago.

My wife is a education assistant in a special education class in a town near ours. Consequently, she is exposed to a lot of liberals on a daily basis. Yesterday, as she was eating lunch with a colleague, a fellow walked into the cafeteria wearing a turban. My wife asked her colleague if it was 9/11, since many of us are aware of the date and always wonder whether or not someone will recognize the event with some sort of terrorist recurrence.

My wife’s colleague asked her, “Why is it that people hate Barack Obama? Wasn’t he doing well at the beginning?” My wife was stunned by the question! She told her colleague, who had voted for BHO, that he is a bad man, a socialist, a demagogue… all the things that a levelheaded, common sense American almost instinctually knows to be true. My wife also reminded her colleague about the proposed mosque that is planned to be built near Ground Zero, to which her colleague replied, “I didn’t know they were going to build a mosque there. That’s just wrong.”

Well, duh! Another enlightened liberal! Does this not reinforce the fact that liberals are off living in their own distorted world? Where has this colleague been for the past nine years, or for his/her entire life for that matter? I’m ever in awe of the masses who are clueless about the world around them and who are so easily persuaded by the likes of a Barack Obama, who like a puppetmaster or pied piper, lead them away from the things that are right.

Obama on 2010 Election: Still Fear vs. Hope | The Blaze

September 9, 2010

If this were another of BHO’s books, I would title it “The Audacity of Continuing to Hope.”

How long, Mr. President, do we have to hope that your policies will produce anything positive? How long do we have to hope that the economy won’t implode? How long do we have to hope that those of us who are unemployed will be able to find another good job? How long do we have to hope that our enemies won’t take some sort of terrorist action against us seeing as how you have capitulated to them by your pacifist approach to world affairs. How long do we have to hope that all of our Constitutional freedoms won’t be taken away from us by you and your administration?

It’s time for less hope and more progress. It’s time to stop the experiment. It’s time to let America go back to being the great country it used to be.

Obama on 2010 Election: ‘It’s Still Fear vs. Hope’ | The Blaze.

Taxpayer Calculator: How Much Will the Transition to Digital Medical Records Cost You? |

September 2, 2010

The question here isn’t the cost involved in going digital. The question is whether the government should be demanding that health care providers go digital. With the passing of the health care reform boondoggle, this requirement to go digital appears to be the latest, and perhaps largest, intrusion into our private lives that the government has perpetrated.

Make no mistake, as the government knows more and more about our personal lives, the propensity with which it will reach out and try to control us will increase. That’s the socialist way! And that’s the way this administration, and too many of our government officials, prefer to play the game of life.

Taxpayer Calculator: How Much Will the Transition to Digital Medical Records Cost You? |

American Thinker Blog: Department of Justice ditches red, white and blue stars and stripes

September 1, 2010

Probably just trying to conserve bandwidth. You know, reducing the carbon footprint.

American Thinker Blog: Department of Justice ditches red, white and blue stars and stripes.

Congressional members of the Socialist Party of America

August 13, 2010

Check the list to see if your legislator is a member of the Socialist Party of America. This list was released as of October 2009, so chances are there were more on the list than there are now.

It’s time to make some noise about these traitors to our country! We can rid ourselves of some of them through the ballot box in November.

Gateway Pundit.

Here Lies Nancy Pelosi; Will Journalists Notice?

August 2, 2010

I really don’t know why I’m posting this today. I mean, it’s relevant, though a bit old, but why is it that I woke up today wanting to find something authoritative about the lies of Nancy Pelosi? I don’t know why. She is a terribly harmful leader in our government. She represents everything that is despicable about progressives. Like the rest of the progressive movement with Barack Hussein Obama as its figure head, she is out to destroy America.

I guess that’s reason enough to post this… – Here Lies Nancy Pelosi; Will Journalists Notice?.