Pledge-Altering Congresswoman Believes al-Qaeda No Longer a Threat

I believe this is what happens when someone drinks the Kool-Aid for too long a time.

Obviously this deluded Democrat has forgotten about 9/11, just like she’s forgotten the words to the Pledge.

In another discussion this week, two sides were debating whether “under God” is really appropriate any more, since it was not added to the pledge until the 1950’s when “McCarthy was out looking for communists under every bed in America.” The argument is that now this is now our Pledge. We recite it as it is now accepted. If someone is going to blatantly misquote it, then that someone should simply refrain from reciting it at all.

I don’t believe in the Communist Manifesto. And I don’t go around quoting whatever parts of it I feel might be noteworthy… I just don’t quote it at all. If someone has a beef with the Pledge, then they have the freedom to try to change it through the normal political process. I find this congresswoman’s actions to be cowardly by not confronting openly her opposition to the Pledge (and obviously our country, too).

If she is up for re-election, I sincerely hope that this is the last time we hear about her in the news.

Pledge-Altering Congresswoman Believes al-Qaeda No Longer a Threat | The Blaze.

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