He’s Delusional Again

Once again, the audacity of the man!


How the left can wail on about their perceived one-sidedness of Fox News and completely ignore the proven liberal bias of the mainstream media is disingenuous and arrogant. The “professionals” at CNN, CBS, et al, who have been soft on this administration, are given a free pass at all times when covering Obama and his cronies. How many hundreds of shady, unconstitutional, socialistic, and downright evil activities would have been left uncovered had it been the sole responsibility of the MSM to report them? That’s a rhetorical question.

That BHO can utter such garbage with a straight face indicates the level to which he has convinced himself that he speaks the truth. It reveals the dishonesty that is his way of life. It shows how he believes that the American people are stupid and can’t see the truth for ourselves. It shows the desperation in the minds of the liberals as they realize that their policies have failed and that they have to again resort to lying in order to keep up the charade they have used over and over again to sway the American people.

Shame on the left for deceiving us the first time with their lies. Shame on us if we fall for this crap again!

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One Comment on “He’s Delusional Again”

  1. Great writing, been waiting for something like that?!

    Kind regards

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