Are You Keeping a Record?

As we go through each day and the events in which we are involved, are we keeping a record that can be passed on to our posterity, so that they can know our thoughts and feelings during these important times?

Thank God we have the writings of the Founders to help us stay true to the ideals they set forth. But, their words are no more important to future generations than ours–and perhaps our thoughts and feelings are more important the further in time we are separated from them. If the principles of freedom and the inspired Constitution of this country are of value to you, how will your children and grandchildren know it? Unless we take the time to make a record for future generations, all of what we are experiencing today will be for naught. Memories fade, but those things committed to paper and pen (or electronically) can live on. And as we make these living records, we learn more about ourselves and we learn better how to articulate the thoughts and feelings that are important to us.

Begin today! Even if it is just a few lines, you and your posterity will be better for it. You all will be grateful for your efforts.

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