Being 9/11, my wife and I had a discussion this morning about that event nine years ago.

My wife is a education assistant in a special education class in a town near ours. Consequently, she is exposed to a lot of liberals on a daily basis. Yesterday, as she was eating lunch with a colleague, a fellow walked into the cafeteria wearing a turban. My wife asked her colleague if it was 9/11, since many of us are aware of the date and always wonder whether or not someone will recognize the event with some sort of terrorist recurrence.

My wife’s colleague asked her, “Why is it that people hate Barack Obama? Wasn’t he doing well at the beginning?” My wife was stunned by the question! She told her colleague, who had voted for BHO, that he is a bad man, a socialist, a demagogue… all the things that a levelheaded, common sense American almost instinctually knows to be true. My wife also reminded her colleague about the proposed mosque that is planned to be built near Ground Zero, to which her colleague replied, “I didn’t know they were going to build a mosque there. That’s just wrong.”

Well, duh! Another enlightened liberal! Does this not reinforce the fact that liberals are off living in their own distorted world? Where has this colleague been for the past nine years, or for his/her entire life for that matter? I’m ever in awe of the masses who are clueless about the world around them and who are so easily persuaded by the likes of a Barack Obama, who like a puppetmaster or pied piper, lead them away from the things that are right.

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One Comment on “SHE DIDN’T KNOW?!”

  1. jaeaa Says:

    If it isn’t on American Idol or Dancing with Stars or NFL football, then it really didn’t happen. Bread and Circus baby worked in Rome now working here. Keep shouting, they will eventually hear us. 😉

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