Muslim Activist Calls for ‘Burn the Stars and Stripes Day’ | The Blaze

Honestly, how far will this argument go??

I’m not a supporter of what has been termed “radical Islam.” (I’m not sure there is a difference between it and “regular” Islam, whatever that might be… but, that’s for another discussion) I have seen its destructive tendencies and I don’t think it has a place in our world society. At the same time, I’m not for desecrating that which is sacred to both radical and regular Islam.

At what point does one finally step back and say enough is enough of this childish behavior? Arguing whether it is better to burn a Quran or burn a Christian is ludicrous. Arguing that “radical Islam is already stirred up so why not burn a book” is likewise ridiculous. Justifying the burning of the book by citing radical Islam’s past sins against Americans accomplishes nothing!

It may be old fashioned, but my Dad used to tell me that two wrongs don’t make a right. Why should American’s stoop to the level of radical Islamists by engaging in destructive behavior? Again, it accomplishes nothing. Actually, I’m wrong… what it does accomplish is that it fuels the fire of hatred that will destroy America just as it destroys every people who allow it to replace love and decency as core values.

We don’t need to stoop so low!

Muslim Activist Calls for “Burn the Stars and Stripes Day” | The Blaze.

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