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Weekly Jobless Claims Dip 16,000, to 453,000 / Big whoop!

September 30, 2010

People will be dancing in the streets! Another sign of the Great Recovery! Companies are back in the hiring business! We’re saved!

Wow! Jobless claims are down a measly 3.4%. Forget the averages and LOOK AT THE NUMBERS! 453,000 people (times how much for the government’s fudge factor) are still requesting INITIAL unemployment benefits! THAT’S A LOT OF PEOPLE! Having been unemployed for almost two years, this issue hits pretty close to home.

We continue to have these monthly “celebrations” where the jobless claims float up and down depending upon which companies are feeling like gambling on the future. I, for one, am not hosting a “we’re back to work” party yet. The government continues its out-of-control spending. The cowards in Congress leave for their annual recess without taking action on maintaining the Bush tax cuts—a clearly partisan action on the part of the Democrats—that would, at least, give companies some reason to believe that things could get better. I am sickened by how our legislators continue to hold Americans hostage as if we were so many cattle at an auction.

November 2 is just over a month away. Now, more than ever, the American people should vote to make a difference. Our anger has been stirred. We may not see the path ahead as clearly as we would like, and that includes some rough road we may still travel as the Great Ship is righted. However, we can see the recent past and we know it hasn’t worked. We can also look back far enough to see where fiscal responsibility and minimal tax burdens have fostered a healthy economy. For me, the choice is pretty simple and some people have likened this election cycle as an opportunity for us to “take out the trash.” Unlike the detestable chore at home that no one wants to do, taking out THIS trash is easy… there’s no gunk to get on your hands, you can do it rain or shine with little discomfort, and the prospects for a cleaner tomorrow are very exciting.

Make the right choice, America! – Weekly Jobless Claims Dip 16,000, to 453,000.


He’s Delusional Again

September 28, 2010

Once again, the audacity of the man!

How the left can wail on about their perceived one-sidedness of Fox News and completely ignore the proven liberal bias of the mainstream media is disingenuous and arrogant. The “professionals” at CNN, CBS, et al, who have been soft on this administration, are given a free pass at all times when covering Obama and his cronies. How many hundreds of shady, unconstitutional, socialistic, and downright evil activities would have been left uncovered had it been the sole responsibility of the MSM to report them? That’s a rhetorical question.

That BHO can utter such garbage with a straight face indicates the level to which he has convinced himself that he speaks the truth. It reveals the dishonesty that is his way of life. It shows how he believes that the American people are stupid and can’t see the truth for ourselves. It shows the desperation in the minds of the liberals as they realize that their policies have failed and that they have to again resort to lying in order to keep up the charade they have used over and over again to sway the American people.

Shame on the left for deceiving us the first time with their lies. Shame on us if we fall for this crap again!

Murkowski to Mount Write-in Candidacy

September 17, 2010

The fact that this schmuck is going to start a write-in candidacy is enough to tell us that she’s not worth voting for!

The will of the people has been spoken. Joe Miller is their choice. They rejected this loser. If she garners half a dozen votes from this effort, it’s from six people who should never be given the opportunity to vote again.

Here’s another positive argument for term limits! And here’s another book to write with a title that begins “The Audacity…” – Source: Murkowski to Mount Write-in Candidacy.

Are You Keeping a Record?

September 12, 2010

As we go through each day and the events in which we are involved, are we keeping a record that can be passed on to our posterity, so that they can know our thoughts and feelings during these important times?

Thank God we have the writings of the Founders to help us stay true to the ideals they set forth. But, their words are no more important to future generations than ours–and perhaps our thoughts and feelings are more important the further in time we are separated from them. If the principles of freedom and the inspired Constitution of this country are of value to you, how will your children and grandchildren know it? Unless we take the time to make a record for future generations, all of what we are experiencing today will be for naught. Memories fade, but those things committed to paper and pen (or electronically) can live on. And as we make these living records, we learn more about ourselves and we learn better how to articulate the thoughts and feelings that are important to us.

Begin today! Even if it is just a few lines, you and your posterity will be better for it. You all will be grateful for your efforts.


September 11, 2010

Being 9/11, my wife and I had a discussion this morning about that event nine years ago.

My wife is a education assistant in a special education class in a town near ours. Consequently, she is exposed to a lot of liberals on a daily basis. Yesterday, as she was eating lunch with a colleague, a fellow walked into the cafeteria wearing a turban. My wife asked her colleague if it was 9/11, since many of us are aware of the date and always wonder whether or not someone will recognize the event with some sort of terrorist recurrence.

My wife’s colleague asked her, “Why is it that people hate Barack Obama? Wasn’t he doing well at the beginning?” My wife was stunned by the question! She told her colleague, who had voted for BHO, that he is a bad man, a socialist, a demagogue… all the things that a levelheaded, common sense American almost instinctually knows to be true. My wife also reminded her colleague about the proposed mosque that is planned to be built near Ground Zero, to which her colleague replied, “I didn’t know they were going to build a mosque there. That’s just wrong.”

Well, duh! Another enlightened liberal! Does this not reinforce the fact that liberals are off living in their own distorted world? Where has this colleague been for the past nine years, or for his/her entire life for that matter? I’m ever in awe of the masses who are clueless about the world around them and who are so easily persuaded by the likes of a Barack Obama, who like a puppetmaster or pied piper, lead them away from the things that are right.

Obama visits hallowed 9/11 ground at Pentagon – Yahoo! News

September 11, 2010

Is BHO going to New York?

If not, why not? He probably has an early afternoon tee time with Reid, Pelosi, Rahm, and the Imam.

Obama visits hallowed 9/11 ground at Pentagon – Yahoo! News.

New Obama Economic Head: €˜We’re Not Broke™ | The Blaze

September 10, 2010


To quote the newest “imbecile of note” in the WH…

“When you’re looking in the face of the next Great Depression, that’s not the time to tighten the belt.”

Where do these people come from?? What are they eating, drinking, smoking, sniffing, injecting, whatever?? I am nearly speechless!!

Please, someone, find a 2X4 and rap this idiot upside the head! This moron has been advising BHO on the economy since 2004? Well, no friggin’ wonder the economy is in a mess!


New Obama Economic Head: ‘We’re Not Broke’ | The Blaze.