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Congressional members of the Socialist Party of America

August 13, 2010

Check the list to see if your legislator is a member of the Socialist Party of America. This list was released as of October 2009, so chances are there were more on the list than there are now.

It’s time to make some noise about these traitors to our country! We can rid ourselves of some of them through the ballot box in November.

Gateway Pundit.

Advertisements – Obama Comes Out in Favor of Allowing Mosque Near Ground Zero

August 13, 2010

Regardless of the rights of Muslims to erect a mosque across from Ground Zero, I THINK IT’S A TRAVESTY.

I believe that Obama has now shown (more of his) true colors. Please America remember this day and all the other days that this president has shown his disdain for our great country. Unfortunately, we’re stuck with this guy until 2012. If he should be re-elected for a second term, there is no hope for us. – Obama Comes Out in Favor of Allowing Mosque Near Ground Zero.

Obama to host Ramadan meal – The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room

August 13, 2010

How much more in-your-face garbage can this country take from this evil man?! He contends that the so-called “religion of peace” has always been a part of America. He claims that American Muslims have made “extraordinary contributions” to the country. Muslims were NEVER a part of American culture until this undocumented Imam-wannabe came on the scene. The only contribution that Muslims have made to our country is their hatred for us and the death and destruction that they have been able to inflict.

When will America call BS on this scheister? What more does this pacifist, one-worlder, Godless appeaser have to say before we get mad enough to SCREAM OUT LOUD?! Who will stand and be counted?!

Obama to host Ramadan meal – The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room.

Federal Judge Overturns California’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban

August 4, 2010

I’m sure Elena Kagan is cheering this decision… being an activist soon-to-probably-be-on-the-Supreme-Court judge, this is right up her alley.

When this gay judge (can you say “conflict of interest”) declares that Prop 8 took away the rights of gays and lesbians, I would like to know his reasoning. In the eyes of the law, gay and lesbian partners are entitled to the same benefits. Prop 8 didn’t change any of that. All it said is that they can’t get “married.” You know, like a man and a woman get “married.”

Ah heck, everyone’s heard the arguments. This crap gets so tedious! I guess we’ll see everyone at the Supreme Court.

One final thought… I will have an implosion of epic proportions if BHO opens his fat yapper about this. – Federal Judge Overturns California’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban.

George Stephanopoulos Defends Ground Zero Mosque: What Better Way to Say Terrorists Haven’t Won? |

August 4, 2010

George is just another spokesperson for the liberal left. He tries to make a distinction between Laura’s reference to “political Islam” and his calling it “militant, radical Islam.” Would someone please explain to me the difference between the two?

I submit there is none and I believe Laura is right when she says that building the mosque is the perfect way to display that America has lost the fight and has capitulated to this horrible excuse for a religion.

George Stephanopoulos Defends Ground Zero Mosque: What Better Way to Say Terrorists Haven’t Won? |

Here Lies Nancy Pelosi; Will Journalists Notice?

August 2, 2010

I really don’t know why I’m posting this today. I mean, it’s relevant, though a bit old, but why is it that I woke up today wanting to find something authoritative about the lies of Nancy Pelosi? I don’t know why. She is a terribly harmful leader in our government. She represents everything that is despicable about progressives. Like the rest of the progressive movement with Barack Hussein Obama as its figure head, she is out to destroy America.

I guess that’s reason enough to post this… – Here Lies Nancy Pelosi; Will Journalists Notice?.