Jimmy Buffet Organizes Gulf Benefit, Blames Bush for Spill

Another example of a dimwit, know-nothing, worthless, liberal Hollywood-type letting his elephant-sized mouth go off before he engages his pea-sized brain.

Why does Jimmy stop at Bush when it comes to his target of blame? Why not go back to Jimmy Carter and the Iranian oil embargo. Didn’t our dependence upon foreign oil back then have anything to do with the perpetuation and expansion of off-shore drilling?

And how about Woodrow Wilson and the other Presidents who were in office during the time of the invention of the automobile and the airplane for which all this oil we extract are responsible? Why didn’t they put into place enough federal oversight to make sure the problems we have today didn’t come to pass?

Heck, why stop at that? He could go back in time and blame other people or circumstances, even blaming God if he wanted to for creating this beautiful “Margaritaville” earth that he so dearly loves. How could God create such a wonderful place with flaws such as oil reserves and earthquakes and hurricanes and Democrats and… well, you get the picture. Oh wait! These self-proclaimed wonders of the world don’t believe in God! Talk about a problem!!

Jimmy, as I’ve quoted one of my favorite conservative talk-show hosts a number of times, just shut up and sing! Thanks Laura…

FOXNews.com – Jimmy Buffet Organizes Gulf Benefit, Blames Bush for Spill.

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