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Obama criticizes Republicans on economy | Reuters

July 24, 2010

The article talks about Americans who are weary of the recession… I’ll tell you what Americans are tired of… we’re tired of hearing this liar blame the Bush administration for the current economic problems!

It’s like this phony can go out and experiment with the economy, sign into law the largest tax increase in American history, all with the “Bush card” in his back pocket that he feels gives him the freedom to do whatever he pleases.

On second thought, this is a pretty smart guy who is orchestrating the downfall of the United States in a very organized way. Blaming Bush is just one of the ways he distracts the masses to accomplish his designs.

Wake up America!

Obama criticizes Republicans on economy | Reuters.


American Thinker: Does Barack Obama Have a Learning Disability?

July 23, 2010

I think the good doctor here is on to something… from a fantasy world perspective.

American Thinker: Does Barack Obama Have a Learning Disability?.

Feds to Monitor Obesity as White House Promotes Obama Cook to Senior Position

July 17, 2010

My goodness! Is there nothing that Barack Obama doesn’t have the audacity to do?! My answer to this?


I refuse to let the government intrude into my private life in this, or any other like manner. Nothing in the Constitution allows for this. Furthermore, nothing in the way God has asked us to deal with one another allows for this. This is nothing but brash, illogical and downright unconscionable.

When will our elected representatives stand up and tell this phony monarch that enough is enough? – Feds to Monitor Obesity as White House Promotes Obama Cook to Senior Position.

Boston Properties’ Mort Zuckerman Obliterates Barack Obama | zero hedge

July 13, 2010

I’m not surprised by the comments in the article, but I am a bit surprised that those who were so close to BHO are abandoning ship in greater numbers. Could it be that they don’t want to have any blood on their hands once the Imposter is REALLY revealed and shown for who he truly is? For me, there never was any magic to BHO’s messages. They were all lies. How can anybody get their “hopes” up for any substantive “change” when the guy doing the speaking is employing smoke and mirrors? And now, how can anybody feel inspired to follow someone who is so arrogant as to trample on the Constitution NUMEROUS times; who feels he is above the law; who has now been exposed as to having spent most of his adult life in the company of socialists and America-haters? What was shocking to me the first time when I watched the last couple of minutes of Planet of the Apes when Charlton Heston cursed our world for what it had let itself become, I now understand better as we’ve now lived through some of the things that could eventually take us there in reality.

Boston Properties’ Mort Zuckerman Obliterates Barack Obama | zero hedge.

LeBron James Announces… He’s Going to Miami! Who cares?

July 9, 2010

Who cares? Watch this video clip to see how we’ve let things like LeBron James get in the way of the discussion of things that really matter.

YouTube – LeBron James Announces… He’s Going to Miami!.

Jimmy Buffet Organizes Gulf Benefit, Blames Bush for Spill

July 9, 2010

Another example of a dimwit, know-nothing, worthless, liberal Hollywood-type letting his elephant-sized mouth go off before he engages his pea-sized brain.

Why does Jimmy stop at Bush when it comes to his target of blame? Why not go back to Jimmy Carter and the Iranian oil embargo. Didn’t our dependence upon foreign oil back then have anything to do with the perpetuation and expansion of off-shore drilling?

And how about Woodrow Wilson and the other Presidents who were in office during the time of the invention of the automobile and the airplane for which all this oil we extract are responsible? Why didn’t they put into place enough federal oversight to make sure the problems we have today didn’t come to pass?

Heck, why stop at that? He could go back in time and blame other people or circumstances, even blaming God if he wanted to for creating this beautiful “Margaritaville” earth that he so dearly loves. How could God create such a wonderful place with flaws such as oil reserves and earthquakes and hurricanes and Democrats and… well, you get the picture. Oh wait! These self-proclaimed wonders of the world don’t believe in God! Talk about a problem!!

Jimmy, as I’ve quoted one of my favorite conservative talk-show hosts a number of times, just shut up and sing! Thanks Laura… – Jimmy Buffet Organizes Gulf Benefit, Blames Bush for Spill.