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May 29, 2010

Of course the POTUS has no time for a visit with the Governor of Arizona. It would cut into his golf time back in Chi-town.

Wait a minute…

Didn’t BHO dispatch Joe “Excuse My French” Biden to take care of the wreath laying at Arlington Cemetery on Monday? That gives him enough time to golf over the long weekend and still make it to a legitimate event like a Memorial Day celebration or a visit with the Governor of the state the rest of the nation loves to hate.

This man is so out of touch with reality, so out of touch with the responsibilities of a POTUS, that he is an embarrassment to our nation.

Have a nice weekend, Mr. President. – Obama to Arizona Governor: Don’t Call Me, I’ll Call You.

Advertisements – You Decide: Any Concerns About Obama’s Supreme Court Pick?

May 10, 2010

After a long technically-induced absence (my PC crashed and I finally broke down and bought a Mac to replace it), I’m ready to get back into the topics of the day and my thoughts.

Do I have any concerns about new SCOTUS nominee Elena Kagan? You bet I do! First, she was nominated by our socialist POTUS. No one nominated by BHO is to be trusted. Look at the list of failed cabinet nominees from a year ago. Second, Kagan has no judicial experience. She has a distinguished educational background, which should indicate her preparation to be a constitutionally-based judge. However, with no decision-rendering experience, she is an unknown quantity as to which way she might lean when acting as a judge. Third, Kagan has been linked to the Goldman Sachs scandal (via Michelle Malkin). Fourth, she speaks like the disciple of a populist. She’s just like “ordinary Americans” and she’s “compassionate.” This all sounds to me like someone who supports a “living Constitution” rather than being a strict constitutionalist.

My hope is that the Senate Judiciary Committee grills Kagan relentlessly. I’m anxious to see how she stands up to Sen. Hatch, who ripped Sonya Sotomayor six ways from Sunday… politely. In the end, with the Senate holding 59 votes, Kagan stands a good chance of being approved. Being only 50 years old, she stands a chance of affecting the lives of all Americans for many years to come. – You Decide: Any Concerns About Obama’s Supreme Court Pick?

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