Fulbright lecturer from China plans PCC visits | PCC News

I attended this lecture yesterday since I’m soon to become part of the faculty of Portland Community College. The lecture was sparsely attended, which I found unusual being that the college has four campuses in the Portland area and that Dr. Tang’s topic was the US and Chinese economies and how they mesh. His presentation was interesting and troubling.

Dr. Tang feels that the two countries’ economies compliment each other since, from his perspective, US demand for goods is high and manufacturing capabilities are declining and that Chinese manufacturing is outpacing what its own country needs. He mentioned China’s dependence upon the continued vitality of the American economy since his country is so heavily leveraged in it.

His final comments addressed what each country needs to do in order to make the best of their economic relationships. For China, he espoused the need for the privatization of business among other things. For the United States, he suggested that we join the movement toward the “one-world order” and the common international currency.

What Dr. Tang is suggesting is that the United States drop down to the level of other countries in the area of economic production rather than continue its capitalistic ways. In so doing, rather than helping other countries through our technological, entrepreneurial and philanthropic capabilities, he suggests we give these up in exchange for a worldwide mediocrity that would no doubt result. Giving up ourselves to the rest of the world economically will also lead to us giving up our freedoms to despots who will rule over the one-world economy. Dr. Tang may have an good understanding of what is happening economically between the US and China, but he has the typical socialist/communist suggestions for change.

Fulbright lecturer from China plans PCC visits | PCC News.

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