Don’t Make the Elderly Angry

Yesterday was the first day of residence for my mother-in-law in a senior assisted living center. To say that our family has had a difficult and interesting couple of weeks leading up to this would be an understatement. But, that’s not the reason for this post.

I had been out most of the afternoon while my wife tended to her mother while trying to get her settled into her new apartment. After running my errands, I returned to the center. A lot of hubbub was going on and I found out that our Congressman, Kurt Schrader, had been in to visit with the seniors. It seems that he enjoys doing the senior circuit in Oregon when he’s not cutting backroom deals in Washington. I was really upset that I wasn’t there to see the circus, because if I had just introduced myself to him, he would have known EXACTLY who I am. He’s heard from me many times.

Anyway, he came to the center to talk about health care. WRONG SUBJECT! What Kurt didn’t realize is that NO ONE at the senior center approves of the health care overhaul and that no one would be afraid to call him on it. Like I said, don’t make the elderly angry. I don’t know if Kurt heard the special words that some of the residents had for him while I talked to them, but from what I heard, it was Washington politics as usual.

He couldn’t answer the questions the residents put to him. He couldn’t tell them specifics about the new health care legislation. He dodged questions that were tough for him to answer. I don’t know that he didn’t cut short his visit because he was feeling very uncomfortable with the venue and the atmosphere. The local newspaper was there to cover the visit, after Kurt’s office had called them, but I suspect that the photo op he was looking for will be played down or not mentioned or else he will spin the visit and put it on his website for all the world to see. Oh look, Kurt Schrader is concerned about his constituents. He listens. He helps… more like he’s full of hot air.

To me the most ironic thing about the visit is when I went down to dinner with my mother-in-law a few hours later. There on the dining table was a pocket edition of the Constitution of the United States! This Congressman of ours (a Democrat) had distributed these pamphlets while explaining to his constituents what he knew about the health care reform bill (basically nothing, since I doubt that he or any of his colleagues have read the bill in depth). This man who, along with his party, trashed the Constitution had the nerve to present his message draped in the very document for which he has no respect and which he has been charged (and failed!) to uphold.

I really wish I had been there, but it only would have added to the small group of Americans in that senior center who feel they have been betrayed by those who are supposed to represent us, who work for us, who are supposed to be concerned with our welfare and do our will.

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