First-time jobless claims rise unexpectedly – Yahoo! News

Unexpectedly? WAKE UP YOU IDIOTS! All is not well in Mudville. Barack O’Casey has stuck out!

I’m an accountant who has been out of work for 15 months. I know how hard it is to find a job right now! I know about sending in hundreds of resumes and networking with hundreds of people and, folks, let me tell you… the well is running dry!

Unexpected? These idiots in Washington will say anything to convince us that the economy is turning around. IT AIN’T!

Oh, but the government is protecting us from the evil Toyota! Instead of letting the car manufacturer work through its problems like it, and other manufacturers, have done very efficiently when these things have surfaced, Ray LaHood(wink) tells Americans to stop driving their Toyotas altogether. Put Wall Street into a tailspin, you numbskull! Kill Toyota financially so that they will join in the big layoff game that the rest of the country is playing.

Loose lips sink ships and this administration has done another huge broadside to an already crippled economy.

via First-time jobless claims rise unexpectedly – Yahoo! News.

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