– Health Care Mandate Applies to All — Except the Amish

Here is an example of the minutiae that is buried throughout the health care bills that have been presented for approval. I’m not against the Amish, but this, along with who-knows-what-else, populates these bills to the point that nothing makes any sense and no one really knows everything that goes into them.

Unfortunately, situations like these run rampant because 1) our country has become so demographically sophisticated that everyone has an agenda to push and because 2) our legislators have become corrupt to the point that all interest groups can exercise power over them.

Only by a retreat back to the shade of the Constitution led by statesmen and their supporters will we wrest control from a corrupt government. We must remember the purpose of the federal government and the controls placed over it by the Founders and shout it from the housetops.

via – Health Care Mandate Applies to All — Except the Amish.

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