– Liberals’ Dream of Single-Payer Health System Dies

This is good news and bad news…

The good news is that we’ve been spared (only temporarily perhaps) from the horrendous health care bill that a majority of Americans don’t want, but that the Senate seems “heck bent” on passing. Congratulations to the grass roots movements and to the brave Americans who made their voices heard.

The bad news is… well, there’s more of it. First of all, the President spews out another lie, threatening that the economy will go bankrupt if the health care bill isn’t passed. And this is the guy who accuses the GOP of using scare tactics! Mr. President, you are a LIAR in the worst sort of way! You are a liar and you know you are a liar and you lie with a purpose in mind.

Next, I’m afraid we haven’t heard the last of a liberal push to pass universal health care. Nancy Pelosi says that she’s confident a bill well be passed before the POTUS gives his State of the Union address in just over a month. The good part of this bad part is that the longer the reform process takes place, the more opportunity we have to input to it and make sure that the final product is a good one.

Finally, if Sen. Sanders of Vermont has his way, the final product of health care reform will look the most like a socialist program.

Keep up the fight America. Real, reasonable, responsible health care reform can be achieved if we continue to make our voices heard and hold our legislatures accountable for their actions. – Liberals’ Dream of Single-Payer Health System Dies.

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