– Obama Gives Himself a B-Plus Grade

I recall an instance in school when a teacher did the unthinkable and asked me what grade I would give myself for a class I had attended. Thinking I probably deserved an A, I showed a small bit of humility and told the teacher I deserved a B. I don’t remember what grade I was eventually given, but it wasn’t an A.

I have no doubt that BHO thinks he deserves an A++++ ad infinitum. But in his phony show of humility, he gives himself a B+. Get a grip, Sir. You flunk in your fiscal policy. You flunk in your international policies. You flunk in the area of national defense. You get a D- in your basketball skills. Combined together, those don’t add up to a B+.

Mr. President, it’s time to re-evaluate your evaluation. – Obama Gives Himself a B-Plus Grade.

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