– Pay Czar Caps Cash Salaries at $500,000 for Bailed-Out Automakers, Banks

This all starts with the administration overstepping its authority and using our tax money to bail out private companies. Once the companies accepted the government money, they took on a new business partner that could dictate how the companies would operate and how the officers would be paid. Forget the illegality of the pay czar… we sanctioned that because we haven’t spoken out against the POTUS and his unconstitutional naming of people to non-existant cabinet posts.

This is an unprecedented act on the part of the federal government… something that was never intended to happen under the Constitution. – Pay Czar Caps Cash Salaries at $500,000 for Bailed-Out Automakers, Banks.

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2 Comments on “ – Pay Czar Caps Cash Salaries at $500,000 for Bailed-Out Automakers, Banks”

  1. J Says:

    The point to remember is this argument could easily be extended to all business’s. Aren’t all companies benefitting from one tax code loophole or another? We have all received a bailout benefit or another? Aren’t we all getting something by simply breathing tax funded oxygen? The potential for overreach is unfathomable. Give to ACORN take from free market. Some call it the redistribution of wealth or “equality of outcome” or even the timeless favorite, “I will bring them all home just give me your glory.”
    Let us all “…Breath deep the gathering gloom…”

  2. Scott Says:

    For me, that’s the essence of the liberal mindset… give them something for nothing. No effort on anyone’s part. Everyone is entitled to everything no matter who owns it. The liberals mindset is socialist/communist at its core. It panders to the selfish and to the dole. It breeds mediocrity at best and dependence and slavery at its worst. It is satanic in origin and just as Satan tempted Cain to kill Abel because Cain didn’t have what Abel had, he continues to try to murder the souls of men through greed, selfishness and compulsion.

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