– White House Aide Once Quipped About Enabling Party Crashers

Though I don’t like BHO in any way, shape or form, I do believe that as POTUS he must be protected physically at whatever the cost. The assassination of a US President, especially a black US President, will thrust the nation and the world into a state of panic and mobocracy that we’ve never seen. I saw the Watts Riots and I saw the riots after the Rodney King verdict. Those are nothing more than neighborhood squabbles compared to what we’d witness should something happen to BHO.

This lady needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and sentenced to life in prison, along with the Beltway Tart and her schmuck hubby. The Secret Service appears ready to take the fall for this blunder, and they probably will, but this action is inappropriate. The Administration needs to come forward and admit that, once again, they have a real piece o’ work in a post close to the POTUS. – White House Aide Once Quipped About Enabling Party Crashers.

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