Health Care Bill Moves Forward –

Once again the Dems show their preference to working on Saturdays. Instead of staying home and watching cartoons with the kids (but, that would be redundant), they do overtime in the destruction of our country. Not unlike the apostle Paul in his defense before King Agrippa, we DO know “that this thing was … done in a corner” (Acts 26:26).

I mean, honestly, how evil can this be? In Louisiana alone, polls showed the populace to be against the health care bill by close to 70%. Assuming that Louisiana is the exception and the average in the country was 50%, that’s HALF of the citizens of the country who don’t want this thing! I doubt the Democratic stronghold of Louisiana is an exception.

Are “we the people” truly powerless when it comes to the government in this country? Are our leaders so audacious as to ignore the will of the people with no repercussions? Have we become so apathetic as to give up? No longer are we a republic, but an oligarchy that is ripe for a revolution. That may be the only way we can get our government back.

Health Care Bill Moves Forward –

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