Obama Urges Congress to Delay Fort Hood Investigation – FOXNews.com

I always enjoy starting my day off with a good laugh, and this is certainly a good one!

This, from the party that is so quick to blame anything and everything on the Republicans! For those of us who have complained about the lack of transparency in the Obama administration, here’s an example of transparency at its finest. In other words, we can see right through you Mr. President!

This tragedy happened on Obama’s watch! The Party of Appeasement failed in its effort to turn the world into Camelot through its cow-towing to the rest of the world. Remember the idea of talking softly and carrying a big stick? Obama talks plenty soft, but he brings a knife to a gun fight. As long as we leave our sticks at home, things like the massacre at Ft. Hood will continue.

Terrorism must be confronted assertively both within our borders and on the international stage. We can not be PC, either on our own soil or while dealing with our enemies abroad. Tiptoeing through the tulips was a cute song, but it’s no way to conduct a war against terrorism.

Obama Urges Congress to Delay Fort Hood Investigation – FOXNews.com

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