New Jobless Claims Fall to 512,000, Lowest Since January –

You’ve heard the term “left-handed compliment”? I think today’s jobless claims report is a good example of it. We could also call it the “good news, bad news” scenario. The jobless number(s) are so fraught with smoke and mirrors that they are really meaningless as reported. If you talk to someone at the Oregon Department of Labor, they’ll tell you that the real unemployment figure in Oregon isn’t the 11.7%±, but more like 21.7%… just add 10% to the published number. By doing so, the number begins to include those whose unemployment benefits have run out or those who have simply stopped looking for work.

For the media to report that new jobless claims are ONLY 512,000 for October are understating (read: extending to the Obamastration a left-handed compliment) the seriousness of the unemployment problem in the country. As I’ve stated elsewhere, employment is one of the last measures to turn positive after an economy has gone through a recession.

I am still unemployed. My first-time jobless claim was filed a year ago. Worst experience of my life! I hope you never have to go through it. I wonder if others of the millions who are unemployed have been as offended as I have been when I’ve heard the media try to find positive aspects about the growing unemployment in the country. Remember the picture of the Capital Mall back in January when Obama was sworn (at) in… Some reports claimed a million people were there. Well, Mr. President and the federal legislature, multiply that picture by 30 or more and maybe you’ll get a feel for how serious a problem unemployment is.

A real Kodak moment, huh?

New Jobless Claims Fall to 512,000, Lowest Since January –

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