Romney: Obama Suffers a Hamlet Complex – Political Hotsheet – CBS News

Interesting exchange between CBS and Mitt Romney. One of the points he brings up alludes to BHO’s continual campaigning. All the well-crafted presidential visits to strategically chosen locations according to the news topics of the day aren’t much different than other presidents have done in the past. Maybe BHO is engaging more in that kind of policy advertising than other presidents have.

Certainly, presidents have engaged in this kind of showboating to distract the attention of the nation during difficult times or situations. Case in point… Bill Clinton, during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, initiated the bombing of Serbia. Richard Nixon is accused of using the Vietnam War to cover up his involvement in Watergate. Now we have BHO who is being accused of dodging the Afghanistan troop deployment decision by focusing upon other priorities like golf and Halloween and selling the country (down the river) on his health care plan.

I wonder if it takes BHO this long to decide what he’s going to order from McDonald’s. Heck, it took him less time to figure out what kind of dog he was going to buy for his kids.

Romney: Obama Suffers a Hamlet Complex – Political Hotsheet – CBS News

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