Limbaugh: Obama Visit to Dover Base a ‘Photo Op’ –

I find it fun and enlightening to read the comments that readers post about stories like these. In this case, there were a lot more pro-Limbaugh posters than anti. More support to the allegation that Fox News isn’t really a news station? I laugh each time I think about that.

Anyway, I believe the Dover trip was the chance for a photo-op. We saw Clinton do it at Normandy Beach in 1994. The Clinton visit looked nice in the media, but we found out later that some of the key photos taken were staged. Clinton was an anti-war protester as a college student, he gutted the military while he was in office… he was not pro-military and his staged photos at Normandy only provided more evidence for us to see.

Now comes along BHO, who can’t seem to make up his mind about staffing in Afghanistan six weeks after the first deployment request. Tough decision to make, Mr. President, but that’s why they pay you the big bucks, as the saying goes. With his inability to decide upon his Afghanistan strategy and the heat he’s feeling from both sides of the aisle, why would be not feel like the Dover visit is an opportunity for BHO to “run and hide” right out in the open?

Limbaugh: Obama Visit to Dover Base a ‘Photo Op’ –

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