Economy returns to growth after a year of declines – Yahoo! Finance

Here we go again with a proclamation that the recession is over. If such is the case, why was the Dow down the last two days in a row? I’m not even going to go there… if any of you have the stock market figured out in today’s economy, ride it as long as you can. I’ve put too much money down that rat hole.

But, I digress… This morning I had to file an extension of my unemployment claim. It’s been a little over a year since I was laid off due to the “elevator drop” in the economy. So, please forgive me if I’m a little skeptical about the reversal of the recession. Yes, I know that improved employment is supposed to be the last indicator to turn favorable when an economy is turning around. I’ve heard some say that unemployment will stay low until some time in 2012. That’s the most negative scenario I’ve heard. I’m hoping that come election time next year, the public will put the brakes on “smoke and mirrors” (read: “hope and change”) and that employment will rebound. We’ve got to get more people working so that they can contribute to the coffers that will eventually (in the year 2525, remember that song?) pay off the Socialists.

Economy returns to growth after a year of declines – Yahoo! Finance

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