The Battle of Trenton

Revolutionary War historians will remember that the Battle of Trenton was the turning point for the colonial soldiers. It was at the Battle of Trenton that General George Washington led his troops over the Potomac River. We’ve all seen artists’ renditions of that fateful night crossing.

I had the opportunity to follow a Twitter reenactment of the Battle of Trenton over the weekend organized by Newt Gingrich. It took place through last Sunday into the night and concluded Monday morning, following the timeline of the original event. It was from the perspective of General Washington, Colonel Rall of the British army and Private VanDorn of the colonial army. The reenactment was very inspiring… I could almost feel myself being there.

If you’ve not read about the Battle of Trenton, I would suggest you pick up a copy of 1776 or another good Revolutionary War history. You will have a pleasant and rewarding experience.

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