Pay Czar’s Authority to Restrict Salary Raises Questions for Small Business Owners – Political News –

Let me start by commenting on my post from yesterday regarding this subject.

I am against the CEOs of the bailout companies receiving huge bonuses this year. I have been involved in bonus programs throughout my career and I’ve never found one that I liked. That’s probably because I’ve never received anything substantial from them and because I’ve always viewed them as being stacked against me… the goals were impossible to reach or the programs were  too subjective or too much discretion was left up to the divvie-er out-ers. One false move and bye-bye bonus!

In the case of the bailout companies, they were all performing poorly. They had many “false moves” where the average person would look at the circumstances and say to himself, “Self, if I were the head of this poorly performing company, I wouldn’t pay out a bonus to these Bozos!” Now with the bailout money, these Bozos are starting to look like heroes and where they were assumed to be performing at a level where no bonuses would be paid, they’re now in line to reap record bonuses. What a joke!

Perhaps this is why we’re not hearing a lot of backlash in the media about the “pay czar” cutting the salaries and bonuses of officers of bailout companies. We little people see these CEOs being paid outrageous bonuses and the “it’s not fair” gland starts secreting its powerful hormone (did you know that the “it’s not fair” glad in a Liberal is twice the size of the one in a Conservative. True fact!). We get so caught up in our justifying of the pay czar’s actions THAT WE FORGET WHO THE PAY CZAR IS! And it’s not so much who he is as it is, what he is.

I’ve lost track of the number of “czars” that the Administration has created. I can’t find the word “czar” in the Constitution. I’m pretty sure that means we shouldn’t have them in the government. But they’re with us and they’re multiplying faster than rabbits. In this particular case, a government worker (who really isn’t a government worker) has been given authority (that the government didn’t have in the first place, according to the Constitution) to specify the level of salaries and bonuses (read: socialism) for people working in the private sector.

I think the POTUS may have learned early on with the debacle of filling his Cabinet that he wasn’t going to get away with whatever full scale frontal assault on the Constitution he could dream up. Instead, he’s appointed czars to do his dirty work… people with NO explicit or implicit authority granted by the Constitution; no oversite; no accountability to anyone but The One. How much more blatant does the POTUS have to become in his quest for Kingship before Americans call him on it?

Here’s the story…

Pay Czar’s Authority to Restrict Salary Raises Questions for Small Business Owners – Political News –

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