U.S. Said to Order Deep Pay Cuts at Bailed-Out Companies – Politics and Government * US * News * Story – CNBC.com

This was inevitable! I saw it coming… once the government bailed out big companies, they were going to go back in and demand that the compensation of top executives be cut.

Now wait… didn’t President Obama say that he didn’t want to run a car company? So why the meddling in this compensation issue? Because the POTUS was not telling us the truth.

And don’t think for a single minute that this is the last of this kind of unauthorized activity we’ll see on the part of the POTUS. There is nothing in the Constitution of the United States to support this deliberate attack on capitalism. We’re being force-fed socialism on a grand scale.

Wake up America! We have the power to put a halt to this unprecedented government-led revolution.

Oops, my bad… this has been done before, but we can talk about FDR another time.

Read the article here…

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