Excuses wearing thin for Obama, media pals :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Steve Huntley

Ok, I’ll grant that President Obama inherited an economic mess. The previous administration was guilty of the first bailout that President Bush signed on October 6, 2008. <digression alert> When I was a kid and did something stupid and confessed that I did the stupid thing because a friend of mine did it, my Dad would say, “So, if so-and-so jumped off a bridge spanning a deep ravine where ‘a river runs through it,’ what would do? Jump?”

That’s just what President Obama has done. He’s jumped, too.

The POTUS continues to wail about the economic mess he inherited from President Bush (not exactly his friend, but I think you get where I’m going with the analogy). I haven’t heard him yet mention how he has only made matters worse with his liberal spending policies. Nor have I heard him hang any of this mess on Congress… the Congress that approved the legislation under Bush… the same Congress that clamored for more money once the real spendthrift was elected President.

It seems that the media (not Fox News, but the REAL media… LOL) is getting tired of hearing the same old rant about the POTUS inheriting an economic mess. What makes this story all the more interesting is that it comes from the Chicago Sun-Times… the hometown rag of Obama himself. With his approval rating continuing downward, one would think that Obama would take solace in nice things coming from the Sun-Times. Problem is, it seems like less things are going to be coming from another one of the President’s cheering sections.

Read the article here…

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