Of all the campaign promises President Obama made during his campaign, he had to choose his health care overhaul as one of them to keep. He and the Dems in Congress have been pushing for quick passage of the 1,000+ page behemoth like nothing I’ve ever seen before. In spite of the fact that most of the Congressmen admitted to having not read the legislation (how could any of them do so in the matter of just a few days anyway… remember, the legislation HAD to be passed as soon as possible), the Dems and a couple of RINOs voted for its passage. They must have stumbled upon some sort of osmosis or subliminal learning in order to know what the heck they were doing. Or not! Anyway, since the whole topic of health care reform has yet to be completely decided, I thought I’d toss out this Youtube report by John Stossel as a reality check. Thanks to our friends from up north for their candid input. Having spent some time in Canada, I know of the accuracy of their feelings about their health care system. In short, it stinks and we’re headed that same direction if we let the Obama Administration ram this legislation down our throats. After watching this report, do us all a favor and contact your Congressman and Senator and let your voice be heard.

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