The War on Fox

I don’t understand the masochistic tendencies of the Obama Administration that they would want to mount a media blitz against ‘the media’, specifically Fox News. If you were a company wanting to advertise yourself to the consumer market, would you do so by upsetting your advertisers? In the case of the Obama administration, maybe they’re not antagonizing all advertisers, only the biggest: Fox News.

Now, when the Founders created the Constitution, why do you suppose they included freedom of speech in the FIRST Amendment. Maybe because they thought freedom of speech was really important… maybe like even the #1 principle (see, that FIRST amendment thing… FIRST… #1… oh heck, you know what I mean). Why is it that the Obamasochistic Administration wants to do away with Fox News’ entitlement to free speech?

On the one hand, maybe the Administration isn’t satisfied having to deal with two wars at the same time, those being in Iraq and Afghanistan. Actually, the POTUS doesn’t want to deal with Afghanistan since it’s taken him over three weeks to decide if he’s going to decide to send more troops, per the suggestion of his military leaders over there. But that’s another story… Perhaps the Administration wants to engage in a local war so that they won’t have to stay in the other two wars. All kidding aside, a war against the likes of the FIRST Amendment is a war NO ONE better want to begin. That is a war that NO ADMINISTRATION WILL WIN. Sure, the Administration will be able to assemble somewhat of a supporting group in the halls of Congress, but they WILL NOT assemble a group of supporters made up of true Americans! The law will prevail.

The only other reason I can think to explain the Obamasochistic Administration’s fetish with Fox is that perhaps they feel that if they can make an example of Fox News and its failure to walk in lock-step with the mainstream media’s (MSM) love affair with the POTUS, no one will ever challenge the Administration again. No doubt President Obama and his crew have shown themselves to be formidable in the arena of influence. However, as previously mentioned, he will fail to rally a group of true Americans large enough to accomplish his questionable goals. I am relying upon the real heart of America to pull us through this and every other attempt to wrest our freedoms away from us.

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