Rising like the Phoenix…

Posted September 25, 2015 by rsbirk
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I haven’t posted to my blog for four years.

It’s been a tough four years.

I was still unemployed when I stopped posting. I had been unemployed since October 2008. The economy went south. I remained unemployed (on a full-time basis) until June of 2014. I had been working part-time as an accounting instructor at a local community college when I got the opportunity to apply for a full-time position and was, by the grace of God, offered the position.

During the last four years, my wife and I lost our #2 son to a drug addiction. I’m sure I’ll be writing about that in the future.

God has been good to us. Better than we deserve! I’m thankful for Him! And for His Son, Jesus Christ!

Now, things in our society have gone from bad to worse. It is incredible to me to see the evil in the world. I’m ashamed of the leaders of our country! It’s been simmering for quite awhile, but I’m back here to say I’M AN ANGRY AMERICAN AND I CAN’T STAY SILENT ANY LONGER!

More to come… Welcome back to my world!


Assisted Suicide Advocate Jack Kevorkian Dies at 83

Posted June 3, 2011 by rsbirk
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Assisted Suicide Advocate Jack Kevorkian Dies at 83 – FoxNews.com.

This couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy! Unfortunately it didn’t happen sooner. Thanks to this scumbag, more loosening of the moral fiber of our society occurred.

Sorry, but I can’t say R.I.P.

Dismal Jobs Report Fuels GOP Criticism of Administration on Economy

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Dismal Jobs Report Fuels GOP Criticism of Administration on Economy – FoxNews.com.

I don’t need no steenking website to tell me that unemployment isn’t any better in the United States. Even more so I don’t need no steenking President to tell me that things are any better than they really are.

I can tell you from my experience, cuz I’m living it! The unemployment situation in our country is NOT getting any better.


MSNBC’s Ed Schultz Off Air Indefinitely After Calling Radio Host Laura Ingraham a ‘Slut’

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MSNBC’s Ed Schultz Off Air Indefinitely After Calling Radio Host Laura Ingraham a ‘Slut’ – FoxNews.com.

I have never been a fan of Ed Schultz who, arguably, is the loudest of the Loud Left. From my perspective, his comments and delivery are out of control, which is what led him to this huge and embarrassing gaff Tuesday night. Because of this incident, Schultz will follow a long line of out-of-line media celebrities who will shrink off into obscurity. Good riddance!

I believe this is the problem that keeps America from the debates that are needed to keep us on the straight and narrow. Civility is sorely lacking with those whose opportunities to be heard are most plentiful. And, it’s not restricted to one side of the aisle or another. Personal attacks accomplish nothing. And rather than engaging in tit-for-tat, how refreshing it would be to see both sides lay down the scalding microphones and politely and intelligently discuss the matters that are important to Americans.

Do I see that on the horizon? Unfortunately, no. An incident like this one with Ed Schultz will only fuel more vindictive rhetoric. The Founders would be ashamed to see what we’ve become in the arena of political discussion.

Obama fires back at AIDS protesters, tells them to hassle GOP – The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room

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This is what happens when a politician promises the world to voters, but fails to follow through.

Not following through with promises is a problem many politicians have. We all remember GHWB and his “read my lips, no new taxes” and how he eventually did raise taxes. That pretty much cooked his goose for a second term. President Obama is now facing the same criticism and he’s dealing with it as he normally deals with issues of accountability: he’s blaming someone else.

As narcissistic as he is, one would think that Obama would be concerned with how he appears before crowds. As I watch him, I’m embarrassed for him as he tries to dodge responsibility for his actions. Rather than projecting the image of professionalism and genuineness, he becomes infantile, almost as though he were a child stomping its feet having a temper tantrum. Other than Jimmy Carter, who likewise tended to shift blame for his problems onto others, I can’t remember a president who has acted so childishly as The One.

Obama fires back at AIDS protesters, tells them to hassle GOP – The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room.

Media Matters Bizarre Hail Mary: We Can’t Stop Beck with Ad Boycotts, Sarah Please Help Us

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David Brock, founder of Media Matters, has just accused Glenn Beck of inciting activities reminiscent of the Oklahoma City bombings carried out by Timothy McVeigh. In turn, he has implicated all of those who listen to Beck and who subscribe to his philosophies. The bespectacled Brock has just tromped into territory where he really doesn’t want to be.

He joins the likes of the big mouths—Olbermann, Colbert, Maher, Schultz, ad nauseam—who have time and again disparaged conservative patriots with the most outlandish, unsupported accusations thinkable. Why is it that these individuals allow their elephant-sized mouths to begin to operate before they put their pea-sized brains in gear? Apparently, they are not concerned with the divisive nature of their diatribes and the damage they do to bipartisanship, not only between Reps and Dems in Washington D. C., but among the general populace as well.

If the Tea Parties have not convinced the liberals that people in this country are sick and tired of being treated as nobodies in the political process, people like Brock have been ignoring the waves of peaceful revolt going on all around them. We have been ignored long enough and November 2 promises to be one of the loudest refutations of liberal political policy this country has seen in a long time. Perhaps on November 3, Brock and his ilk will wake up and realize that the revolution they thought couldn’t happen actually did happen. Not that it will make a difference to these people who will continue to trash conservatives, but they better darn well know that a corner has been turned in our country’s history and that their verbal garbage will continue to shrink into itself and become irrelevant.

Get out and vote on November 2! Vote conservative! God bless America!

Media Matters Bizarre Hail Mary: We Can’t Stop Beck with Ad Boycotts, Sarah Please Help Us | The Blaze.

Maher: Americans Are ‘Too Stupid…They‘re Like a Dog’

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Bill Maher has proven (as if there were any reason not to believe so already) what a disgusting human being he really is!

He talks about conservatives being “ignorant?” Excuse me, Mr. Maher, but your conduct on this show and the beliefs you spewed proved your level of ignorance. Your filthy mouth, your sexual innuendo, your pathetic “A” rating of President Obama’s first half of his term show how little of your brain you can use for formulating positive thought processes. You’ve also shown us how out of touch you are with mainstream America by professing that BHO’s approval rating jumped 15 points after approving Obamacare. You obviously don’t follow Gallup or Rasmussen or Heritage.com polls. On the other hand, you obviously follow Colbert, Stewart, Olbermann, Behar and the rest of the administrations useful idiots.

Oh, and George Lopez sucks, too!

Maher: Americans Are ‘Too Stupid…They‘re Like a Dog’ | The Blaze.